The Hoff Wants His Own Video Game

David Hasselhoff is probably best known for either playing Michael Knight in “Knight Rider” or appearing and producing “Baywatch” but this is not enough for the “Hoff” as he is now an established judged on the “Got Talent” shows and he wants his own video game! On the subject of the video game, which is really the only thing that we are interested in at this point, apparently, he is in talks with EA, but what could this game be about and where is the target market. We are interested in this now, tell us more, David!

According to a statement made by David Hasselhoff;

I’ve wanted to develop my own game so this was a way of seeing if this works and maybe we can take this one step further with using the same concept as ‘Burnout Crash,’ and maybe do something with the Hoff.

Source [Gear Fuse]