Facebook Faces Massive Fines Over Data

Deleting content from Facebook does not necessarily mean that it has gone as one user found after asking the social networking site for a copy of the data that they held on him.

It turns out that Facebook held 1,200 pages of data on 24 year old Austrian student Max Schrems, most of which he had deleted from the site.

This has prompted the user to complain to the Irish data protection commissioner, because the Facebook subsidiary there is responsible for the admin of European users.

Should the commissioner find Facebook in breach of these terms, then they could a fine of up to £87,000.

According to a statement from Facebook they said;

“As part of offering people messaging services, we enable people to delete messages they receive from their inbox and messages they send from their sent folder.”

“However, people can’t delete a message they send from the recipient’s inbox or a message you receive from the sender’s sent folder. This is the way every message service ever invented works.”

“We think it’s also consistent with people’s expectations. We look forward to making these and other clarifications to the Irish DPA.”

Source [Guardian]