Handheld Smartphone Scanner App

When we hear the saying, “There’s An App For That!” we normally think of games, tools and social networking. However, there are some interesting and sophisticated apps becoming available these days, such as this MobiUS SP1 ultrasonic scanner from Mobisante. Naturally, this is not just an app, but it is equipment too, so there is going to be an outlay there for users who would normally be working within the medical sector in some capacity. Although a scanner such as this may have other uses too within different markets.

These are the details for the MobiUS SP1 by Mobisante;

Mobisante has built the world’s first Smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system, MobiUS™ SP1. This award winning system, cleared by the Food & Drug Administration, brings ultrasound imaging within reach of health care professionals everywhere, helping healthcare professionals practice better medicine and reduce costs.

Source [Gajitz]