Jupitris phone charger for no tangle cables

One of the bad things about carrying a charger around with you is that it is almost inevitable that at some point, the cables will knot up or at least become tangled up and this is not really a good look to have is it! However, help is at hand with these Jupitris phone chargers.

These chargers have been designed by Jin Kuramoto for the IIDA online retailer; they come on five colours and really do the cables from tangling up as they retract into a smart looking round case.

These are the details for the Jupitris phone charger;

Users carrying an AC adapter with them want a more unorthodox form. Born in response to that desire, JUPITRIS is the colourful AC adapter with the striking round shape. However, there is more to see than just high-impact looks. With its retractable cord, JUPITRIS makes for neat and smart recharging. Say so long to the hassle of tangled cords in your bag, and introduce your Smartphone to this cool new partner.

Priced at $23 (£18)

Source [Technabob]