Technology That Assists The Golfers Swing

Sometimes the golfer can use a bit of help; this comes from advances in clubs and other equipment including gloves such as the SensoGlove! Although there is no actual performance benefit from wearing the glove, what it does is check the grip.

The makers claim that the SensoGlove can improved the users game, but that remains to the be seen and yet grip can be the key to getting a perfect shot in, so maybe there is something in this after all. The SensoGlove comes in left or right versions and it should be noted that the digital device is not waterproof!

These are the features and benefits for the golfers SensoGlove;

The SensoGlove is not waterproof. Do not use during rain

Left gloves are for right-handed players and Right gloves are left-handed players

Product Features:

Highest quality cabretta leather golf glove with a fine grain and exceptional durability

Removable computer can be transferred to a new glove if the current one becomes worn

Instant visual and audio feedback show your grip pressure at every finger

Adjustable pressure settings allow you to select the grip that’s right for you

Small sensors monitor your grip pressure continuously, without changing your feel for the club

Battery Requirements:

1x CR1620 (included)


Medium/Large measures approximately 22cm (L)

Large measures approximately 23cm (L)

Priced at £49.99 ($79)

Source [Geek Tech]