Hulu Plus Coming To Nintendo Devices

The owners of the Nintendo Wii and 3DS will soon be able to access some of their favourite television shows and movies through the Hulu Plus service according to a Nintendo announcement. With Hulu Plus the user will be able to stream content from some of the top broadcasters in the US from as little as $8 per month, unfortunately there are no details on if this services will be available in the UK or other countries.

According to the Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, he stated in the company press release;

“Nintendo 3DS continues to evolve with great new features and functions designed to reinforce its position as a premiere entertainment device. All of these features, in addition to great upcoming games like Pokemon Rumble Blast on Oct. 24, Super Mario 3D Land on Nov. 13 and Mario Kart 7 on Dec. 4, make Nintendo 3DS a smart gift option this holiday season.”

Source [Hot Hardware]