Robotic Arms With The Human Touch

Could this be the perfect blend of human and robot co-operation? It may seem to look like something from a science fiction movie but the “Slave Arms” are able to mimic the actions on the user’s hands and arms, but with greatly improved strength and the ability of being able to get into places where no human would want to put their hand and arm into!

According to the Vice President of Operations Raytheon-Sarcos, Fraser Smith, said;

“Every way you move, your three degrees of freedom in your wrist, the one in your elbow and the three in your shoulder –the slave arms can move the same way you do. Anything that slave encounters in terms of force is also fed back to the operator so he can actually feel what’s happening in the workspace,” said Smith. “With added strength, the operator doesn’t need two or three guys trying to muscle something around. This thing just picks it up and dexterously positions the material.”

Source [Gajitz]