Rolling All Terrain Surveillance Robot

This is like something you would expect to find in Terminator: Salvation, a robot that can be remote controlled or programmed using GPS, either way the robot runs in what looks like a tyre, with the cameras fitted to the sides sending a live feed back to base!

The two foot wide device comes with a change of tread on the tyre so that all terrains and weather conditions are catered for. The GroundBot has been developed by the Swedish based engineering firm Rotundus and is currently being tested by the Swedish Defense Force to cover wide open spaces such as airports and docks, but the applications for this device are virtually endless!

These are the main features for the impressive GroundBot Surveillance Robot;

GroundBot is a robotic mobile platform that hosts cameras and sensors.

This robust, lightweight, sealed sphere boasts impressive off-road performance. It also moves virtually silently.

GroundBot can be remote controlled by hand or programmed to navigate by GPS.

Augmented Reality User Interface is highly intuitive, boosting operator alertness and ensures full control.

Source [Technabob]