Solar Powered Hybrid Airship Design

There has been a huge increase in the design and manufacture of commercial and military airships, they are coming in all sorts of sizes and can be used for a wide range of jobs.

This is the Solar Ship a Canadian based firm who have already got their ten metre prototype off the ground. It uses conventional power to lift off and then makes use of the solar panels that cover the entire top surface for electrical power.

These are the features on the Solar Ship according to the company website;

Solar Ship builds aircraft to service remote areas. Most of these areas have no roads.

The Solar Ship is a hybrid aircraft, gaining lift from both buoyant gas and aerodynamics.

Its wing-ship design allows for short take-off and landing (STOL), such as in a soccer field.

This design also provides a large surface area for solar electric power, allowing long, self-sufficient range.

Source [Gizmag]