BT Given Two Weeks To Block Newzbin2

In a follow up case to the High Court proceedings in July of this year, BT were back in court to finalize the details of the ruling and it was made clear by the Judge that the ISP will need to block the Usenet indexing site Newzbin2 within fourteen days and pick up the bill for doing so too!

According to Justice Arnold’s Judgement;

“Since the main judgment was delivered, the operators of Newzbin2 have made available client software which is designed to allow a user to access the Newzbin2 website independently from, for example, an installed web browser, and thereby circumvent any block imposed by BT pursuant to the order,”

He goes on to say;

“For this and other reasons, it is common ground that the order should permit the Studios to notify additional IP addresses and/or URLs to BT in future in order for those to be subject to the same blocking measures as”

Source [Torrent Freak]