Video Explains Call Of Duty’s Elite Package

The games developer Activision have released a video to explain the advantages of signing up for the Call of Duty Elite package, it includes interviews with the developers who talk over the features.

Basically signing up will improve the players game play but there is a price to membership and that is £35! However, do not worry about the cost because there are some free features too, so everyone is able to get a look at Call Of Duty Elite.

Here are some details on the Elite package from the CoD website;

Connect with your friends and meet new people who want to play like you. Join Public Groups of players with similar interests and create Private Clans for a personalized multiplayer experience where you can share, stream and stack up your Call of Duty ELITE conquests on a global stage.

The cost of joining Call of Duty Elite is £34.99 ($49.99)

Source [Geeky Gadgets]