Tanks Appear On The Streets Of London

Normally when tanks appear on the streets of a nation’s capital, it cannot be good news, but on this occasion it seems that there was no military coup about to happen but the launch of one of the most anticipated games, Battlefield 3!

Amazingly, the tanks had signs that read “TANKSI” and yes, that is a mash up of Tank and Taxi, for one day only free rides were available to anyone who is not worried about crawling through the small hatch in the back of the tank.

According to Tom Goldberger from the Battlefield 3 publisher, Electronic Arts, he said;

“Tanksis have been brought to the Capital to make the urban battlefield that is London’s roads more of a joy than the daily chore they currently are. We wanted to launch Battlefield 3 in style and are looking forward to ferrying excited game fans and commuters around the city today.”

Source [The Gamers Hub]

Written by David Allen

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