BT Increases Rollout Of Fibre Broadband

In order to cope with the job of providing a semi national fibre optic broadband service, BT has announced that it intends to employ a further 520 engineers including ex-soldiers. The company will be investing £300 million into this phase, but this cash will come out of the initial £2.5 billion allocated to complete the job. Basically, it appears that they are just speeding up the rollout, which some experts may say should have been done a while ago.

According to the BT chief executive Ian Livingston, he said in a statement;

“Our rollout of fibre broadband is one of the fastest in the world, and so it is great to be ahead of what was an already challenging schedule. The acceleration reflects the success of the programme to date and is testament to the hard work and innovation of our people. We are investing when others are merely talking about it.”

Source [ZDNet]