Seven Billion People! There Is An App For That!

As the world population passes the seven billion barrier for many this is a just a number but what does this population explosion mean for the human race and the planet? Well this is something that the National Geographic has been asking and they appear to have found some of the answers. These details can be found on a free (Well Free For Now!) app for the iPad. This App is called “7 Billion” and it is packed with facts and information on the consequences of having seven billion people on the planet!

These are the features that can be found on the new iPad App;

How big is 7 Billion? An insightful video of the demographic trends that got us here today and how it will impact us tomorrow.

Birth of a New Brazil: How big families are out, to the credit of strong-willed women—and the steamy soaps that inspired them.

The Face of Seven Billion Interactive: Tap on the “typical face” to find out who the most typical human is

Rift in Paradise: As the global population increases Africa’s Albertine Rift gives us a glimpse of what is at stake in the decades ahead.

Bangladesh: See how resourceful residents of this country refuse to give in to rising seas

Food Ark: Explore how preserving heirlooms seeds and breeds are crucial if we hope to feed our hungry world.

And to be incorporated into the app in December 2011:

Cities are the Solution: They may be the best way to lift people from poverty and preserve the environment.

This is free app for now and can it can be downloaded from iTunes US and UK sites

Source [Mashable]