Finally Google Drive Is Real

For some there has been talk of Google Drive, GDrive or GDisk, whatever you want to call it, one thing is for certain and that is don’t expect anything new, for this merely the new name for Google Docs, sure it will come some new and interesting features, but it’s still the same old Google Docs none the less. Basically, what you are going to see here is new software that allows the user to synchronize files with Google Docs!

In order to enable this you will first need to open your Chrome’s Developer Tools and then follow the instructions below;

Open Google Docs and then open Developer Tools in the Chrome browser (View -> Developer).

Click the ‘Scripts’ option on the top bar of the Developer Tools and ensure the current file is ‘program’. From here, search for config [‘cookieFetchElement’] (typically line number 365) and then click the line number in the sidebar to effectively ‘lock’ that code instance and turn it into a breakpoint (it should show a blue highlight).

Now refresh the page.

You should now see that the code remains the same but the website has locked at the point you specified.

Hit the ‘Console’ option on the Developer Tools top bar and then copy and paste the following code:config.ed = true; config.ddu = ‘.’;

Head back to the ‘Scripts’ window and then press the play button on the right hand side. The code should load and you should be able to click on the upload option next to ‘Create’ button.

Source [The Next Web]