The Loss Of Google Reader Is Hurting Some Users

It seems that the changes going on over at Google are not all going down well, as Google bring in services and new designs, they are removing features and services too, this is not going down too well everyone, in fact there is a bit of a rebellion going on over the loss of Google Reader!

It all started with Alan Green, an engineer at Google, explaining in a blog post that the service is being run down;

“So starting today we’ll be turning off friending, following, shared items and comments in favour of similar Google+ functionality.”

However, the argument has erupted on Facebook and other in other social networking arenas, with some points appearing such as this;

Google has decided–without any user consultation–to effectively kill our beloved Google Reader, and force us all to use G+ in its stead. Without any of the functionality that made Reader so useful transferring over to make G+ work for us. While the Google Reader name may stay, none of the social functions that make Google Reader so great will survive its incorporation into G+, thereby destroying a thriving community of dedicated and loyal followers.

Source [Yahoo]