Google Introduces The Freshness Algorithm


Google changes search once more and this time the search giant is claiming that its latest algorithm will produce fresh content much faster than before. It uses the Google Caffeine indexing system to crawl and index the internet throwing up new content as it goes!

According to Amit Singhal, a Google Fellow, he wrote on the Official Google Blog;

“Even if you don’t specify it in your search, you probably want search results that are relevant and recent. If I search for ‘Olympics’, I probably want information about next summer’s Olympics, not the 1900 Summer Olympics. Google Search uses a freshness algorithm, designed to give you the most up-to-date results, so even when I just type ‘Olympics’ without specifying 2012, I still find what I’m looking for.”

The introduction of this feature will mean that around a third of Google searches will be affected with latest events and topics making their way to the top more quickly!

Source [PC Pro]