PayPal Offers Offline Payments Finally

Within a year, we could be using our Smartphone’s equipped with a PayPal app or a swipe card to make payments in a similar way as payment by credit or debit card takes place. This just goes to show how even a firm like PayPal with its sort of niche market, still has to look for other methods of payment for its customers, it is a case of having to or losing out to other providers such as Google.

Laura Chambers, PayPal senior director of customer experience

“If someone had told me ten years ago that PayPal would be doing offline payments, I would have laughed, it’s no longer going to be about online or offline commerce, ecommerce, m-commerce. It’s just going to be about commerce.”

When comparing other methods of payment she said;

“Swiping a credit card is a pretty good experience. A tap isn’t much easier than a swipe.”

PayPal are in a position to offer more than just a method of payment, Miss Chambers said;

“In the offline world, if we just changed transactions, I don’t think anybody would take it up.”

Source [Mashable]