Robot Looks After Office When Boss Is Away

It may seem to be a bit like iRobot or some other science fiction story, but the games development firm Portalarium, have paid $15,000 (£9,500) for a robot from Anybots Inc to take over the bosses physical presence at the office. Now, no matter where he is, he can log in and a by remote control move the robot around the office to see what is going on and he can talk to people to through the microphone and speaker system, cool!

According to Richard Garriott boss of Portalarium, he said to The Huffington Post;

“When I’m up north, I log in in the morning and can meander over to anyone’s desk and really be a part of the casual conversations that are so essential to our work. Sometimes I feel like a spy, but fundamentally it feels like I am really there.”

Source [Walyou]