How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

This is something that affects us all; we have out laptops with us all of the time and expect to be able to connect to a wireless network at anytime. However, this just does not happen all of time, in fact, the signal may fluctuate from nothing to a couple bars, which is rubbish for any more than checking emails, yet there is an answer and it may not be quite what you expect it to be!

According to the former CTO and Head of Research at BT, Peter Cochrane, this is how to do it;

Time to improvise. A visit to the galley turns up a much-used baking tray. A few simple experiments later and I’m able to locate the direction of the 2.5G base station and the strongest wi-fi signal.

So I now have three bars of wi-fi and 2.5G by way of the unlikely combination of a baking tray and some judicious positioning.

You won’t find this in any textbook, but it works sufficiently well for me to complete my email and other business online. All the other options would have been far more expensive and far less convenient.

I will be carry a baking tray in the boot of the car from now on, how about you?

Source [Telegraph]