Occupiers Use Loudsource To Raise Ad Funds

Anyone who knows about Kickstarter, will understand that it is a cool way to raise funds for a project in order to get it to market. Well Loudsource is used for crowd funding and it works on a similar concept as the occupiers on Wall Street in New York have found.

The Occupiers have raised $6,000, which is enough to make an advert for TV so not only will the occupiers be in the streets, they will be occupying the some of the TV ad space too!

According to Loudsauce’s co-founder Colin Mutchler, he said;

“It’s about occupying ad space with what citizens think is important for the country.”

“It’s sort of an occupied version of advertising,”

“The perception of how expensive television ads are is that it’s prohibitive to get on television even once, that it is not within reach of individuals or groups,”

Source [Mashable]