Mystery Buyer Pays $1725 For COD: MW3

Thank goodness today is the 8th November for that means that one of the much awaited games of the year Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is released, fans are reported to be queuing up outside stores already in the hope of grabbing a copy, but not all fans were willing to wait it would seem!

Check out the image, it is for a listing on eBay (Now Removed!) for a copy of Modern Warfare 3, it was sold on the 3rd, so the buyer has got a nice head start on everyone else. However, check the price too, it finished at $1,725 following 88 bids and then there is $4 shipping on that too! Who pay this sort of money, or do we think that this is some sort of practical joke or marketing tool?

Source [Joystiq]