Surge In Smartphone Malware Reported

Recent research is showing that there has been a massive increase in the deployment of malware aimed at Smartphone’s, in fact; according to Get Safe Online, they say that there has been an increase of some 800% in this type of attack over the past four months.

The worrying thing is that more Smartphone users are downloading more apps, as well as using their devices for banking and shopping, but it seems that it is the apps that are causing concern as the free apps that offer games and software are actually fronts for malware delivery, once downloaded the fraudsters are able to take over the device.

According to Rik Ferguson, director for and of security research at Trend Micro, he said;

“With users now installing and removing apps with increasing frequency, the chance of encountering a rogue app is much higher. Smart phone security, such as anti-virus or anti-malware software, is available but not widely deployed. Soon it will need to be common place.”

Source [PC Advisor]