You Can Now Tweet From Any Phone

This is it, the end of everything! For now, you are able to Tweet from any phone, yes and that means one of those old style phones that when they ring it gives you heart attack! Thanks to the UP digital Bureau and Unteleported tech agency, they have figured this out and really it is quite remarkable how they do this and you can too; check out the video to see how!

According to the folks at;

As a result, now anyone can post to Twitter from an old-school phone you can possibly find only at your granny’s. Text dialling is based on the same principle you can find in your old cell phones. For instance, to get «a» you have to dial «2» once, and to get «f» you dial «3» three times. To send the tweet you just have to simply hang up the phone. All tweets dialled on Tweephone are posted on its personal twitter account, and if you ever get a chance to try this device, you will definitely understand why they are mostly so short.

Source [Pinoy Tutorial]