9th November 2011

TELESAR V Your Telexistence Robot Avatar

Soon working from home could have a completely new meaning and the TELESAR V robot could be your key to freedom for this is a telexistence robot avatar and basically what that means is you can control it from your location. It could end up being as good as being there and if you happen to be doing a dangerous job, then obviously, it is going to be much safer!

These are the details on the telexistence robot according to Tachi Lab;

“The robot consists of a body, arms, and hands. The body has 7 degrees of freedom, the head has 8, and the arm joints have 7, like a person’s arms. The robot’s hands can’t move as freely as a person’s, but they do come very close, with 15 degrees of freedom. Our aim is to make it feel as if you’re really in another place, and this is really your body, and to enable you to do the things you can with your own body.”

Source [Technabob]

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