ASA Bans The Motorola Defy Advert

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned the TV advert for the Motorola Defy Smartphone, the advert claims that the device is “pool party proof”, “dance floor proof” and “life proof”; it seems that ASA did not agree following complaints from three owners whose screens had cracked following an accidental drop! ASA says that the advert claims that if the device is accidently dropped it would not be damaged and as result, they should not exaggerate its products features any more. ASA ruled that Motorola must not show this advert in its current form or exaggerate any its products performance either.

According to Motorola’s statement for the DEFY TV Ad;

It is directed by award winning Carl Erik Rinsch, tells the story of how important the resilience of a mobile phone is on a fun night out. Motorola DEFY is the first Android™ Smartphone that is water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof, so it can survive the pool party, the dance floor, and the beach — ultimately, it’s life proof.

Source [The Inquirer]