10th November 2011

Facebook Vs Google! Who Wins?

It seems that the media are constantly comparing the search giant Google and the social networking giant Facebook, whereas in reality these two businesses are not comparable at all they operate in different fields and sure they crossover now and then, but when you have a business that is as large these, that is surely going to happen, isn’t it?

So finally we have the opportunity to put these two internet big boys toe to toe, but this is not going to be a “Rumble in the Jungle”, we just want to see how they stack up against each other. It appears from the start that Google is ahead with an income worth $29.32 billion (2010) compared to Facebooks $4.27 billion (2011 estimated), but it is not all over yet.

Check out this info graphic by Vera Code, it shows all of the pros and cons for both firms and currently it is Google who are out in front!

Source [LA Weekly]


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