Google Have Added +1 For Images

The +1 button that can be found on Google search results, articles and blog posts, can now be found on the Google Image search as well. This means that anyone finding an interesting image, will be able to +1 it to recommend it to his or her friends, it’s easy to do too! Simply hover over the chosen image and hit the +1 button, that’s it done!

According to Xiaorui Gan, Software Engineer at Google writing in the official Google Search blog, said;

Let’s say you’re looking to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and want to inspire a few of your climbing buddies to join you. You search for [mount kilimanjaro summit] and switch to Images mode to find rows and rows of photos testifying that this peak can indeed be conquered. By hovering over one of the images, you can quickly recommend this photo to your friends by clicking the +1 button.

Source [Techcrunch]