Support Grows For Dot Wales Domain

As from the New Year, organisations including countries will be able to apply for specific domain names, which for the welsh consumer and business owner could mean switching from the national suffix to .wales or even .cymru. However, at £116,045 ($185,000) per application that is quite a hefty sum to fork out and despite trying to claim that the two domains are the same, the regulator ICANN is not having any of that!

In a report by the London Economics Wales consultancy, it stated that;

“A Welsh domain name can play a positive supporting role in activities aimed at raising the brand profile of Wales and encouraging exports and inward investment. It can also provide a constant stream of low level but free advertising.”

However a recent survey by the not for profit domain registry service Nominet, found that 59% of businesses and 68% of consumers are supporting the adoption of a Wales specific domain name.

Source [BBC]