The Dot Style Analogue Watch

This is the Dot Watch as designed by Samuel Jerichow, it appears at first to be just a bracelet, but on the top, there are three raised dots and this how the wearer is able to tell the time. This is not a binary feature because the positioning of the dots is actually the time on a standard clock face!

The watch is flexible and comes with a protective plastic type covering that allows the raised dots to move around the watch face without actually causing any damage at all. The centre dot just acts as guide, while the inner larger dot shows the hours and the smaller outer dot represents the minutes.

To activate the watch the centre button is pressed, this raised the two time keeping outer buttons, we assume that when released the two bulges retract back into the body of the watch until needed once more!

This is currently a concept design and therefore there are no prices are details of availability at this present time.

Source [Gajitz]