How Many Phones End Up Down The Loo?

Out of all things that can happen to your mobile phone is that somehow it ends up down the toilet, this presents the owner with two dilemmas! The first is getting it out of the bowl and the second is the water damage, which almost guarantees that the provider will not replace it when it stops working.

So how often does this occur? Well in a recent survey of almost two thousand users, found that a third claimed that water damaged their device and of these 47% admitted that for one reason or another it ended up down the loo!

According to Mark Owen who is the Founder of, he said;

“As somebody who has nearly dropped his phone into all manner of liquids, these results really make me thankful that this is something I haven’t done as yet. I can’t imagine how galling it must be to retrieve a mobile phone from a toilet bowl, so my sympathies go out to anyone who has.”

Source [T3]