Illegal Game Downloads Up 20%

Figures published by the research firm Envisional show that the amount of games being downloaded illegally has grown by twenty per cent in the past five years and that the top five games from 2010 were copied around a million times! When you consider the cost of a game, that is big business by anyone’s standards. However in many cases it turns out that those who download an illegal copy will actually go on to buy the full priced version too!

According to Andy Payne, who is the chairman of the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), he said;

“You can be playing that game every single day for a year. Look at Fifa, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, those games people are playing all the time. That’s great value.”

“200, 250 people sat in a studio for two years building the latest Modern Warfare 3. This costs real money.”

Source [BBC]