Siri Versus The Terminator T-800

When it comes to virtual personal assistant there is Siri and then there is the Terminator T-800, I know which one I would be choosing and it is not Siri, why? Check out the video to see why the Terminator T-800 assistant is one of the best! It may not beat HAL or GlaDos but they are in a different league! It uses Microsoft Kinect and the YouTube user programming4fun has really gone to town with this.

Here is what YouTube user programming4fun had to say about this cool assistant;

I decided to build my own virtual assistant. When I found this beautiful 3D model by “Dazzawalla” (link below) and being a big fan of the movies, the choice was quickly made. This time I used not only the skeleton tracking of the Kinect SDK, but also the speech recognition, which works despite my Belgian accent. The resulting “assistent” has a bit of an attitude, but is fun to play with nevertheless. The image is projected onto the wall using a small LED projector (hence the low light level in the room). The Microsoft Kinect is placed behind me but could be anywhere. The code supports anaglyph 3D, so with glasses on it looks pretty convincing in real life too. I recently added reflections to my little 3D engine, so this was the perfect test for it. One possible improvement that could be made is to use the camera image for the reflection.

Source [Technabob]