The App That Finds Wi-Fi Passwords

As someone who must stay connected to the internet all of the time, I find it most annoying when you have to keep putting in a password to access a local Wi-Fi! After all I occasionally do buy a cup of coffee from a well known store, doesn’t that count! Anyway there is a free app called 4sqwifi, it uses Foursquare to access data put in by users at certain locations, just grab the password and connect to the Wi-Fi service, you know it makes sense!

These are the details for the interesting 4sqwifi iPhone app;

4sqwifi enables you to find nearby venues, which offer Wi-Fi — and their password. Worldwide. It uses Foursquare’s API and its user-generated venue tips. Our great algorithm filters and displays only the relevant venues. By removing unwanted noise, 4sqwifi stands right between the worlds of social location awareness and everyday-life life hacks. Give it a try: it’s free, it’s fun, it’s easy. You’ll love it.

This is a free app available to download from the iTunes Store

Source [Ubergizmo]