Why Drink Coffee When You Eat These

These biscuits come with a nice 200 mg of caffeine, which I am told is quite a lot, so it is just as well that they are expensive otherwise you would end up not being able to sleep for a long time!

These are the details for the Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies;

Sharing time, everyone: food is, hands down, our favourite thing to eat. Ever! One of our favourite types of food is dessert food, especially those dessert foods loaded with chocolate, like brownies and cookies. Add caffeine to said desserts, and we’re not only full but awake! Of course, this is leading us to the product on this page, and of course, you already know what they are because of the gorgeous pictures. Yup, they are: Highly Caffeinated Brownies and Cookies.

Priced at around $6 or £4 each

Source [Gearfuse]