Get A Grip With The 3DS

Sometimes when playing a game on a hand held games console, it is essential that you have a good grip otherwise, all sorts of bad things can go wrong! Step up the Power Grip device from Nyko, it really does give the player more grip and therefore allows them to play harder.

These are the features for the Power Grip;

Play longer and play in comfort with Nyko’s Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS. The Power Grip works in conjunction with the existing 3DS battery providing up to 3x the play time making it perfect for long road trips, cross country flights or marathon gaming sessions at home. The extra playtime of the built-in battery is complemented by the ergonomic design of the Power Grip, allowing the user to play in comfort for as long as the extended battery lasts.

Priced at around $30 or £22

Source [Coolest Gadgets]