Google Offers Its Servers For Big Number Crunching

For any small business the additional costs for software and services can be crippling, which means a lot of the time they go without crunching large numbers and so they could be missing out on being able to analyse trends from their own databases. Enter Google and the BigQuery service, this allows small businesses to bypass the expensive analytics industry and do their own sums in seconds by using Google’s servers! Some industry experts feel that this could disrupt the analytics industry, but for the small business user this could make a major difference in the direction that the business moves in!

According to Ju-kay Kwek who is the for the Google BigQuery Service, said on the Official company blog;

We developed Google BigQuery Service for large-scale internal data analytics. At Google I/O last year, we opened a preview of the service to a limited number of enterprises and developers. Today we’re releasing some big improvements, and putting one of Google’s most powerful data analysis systems into the hands of more companies of all sizes.

Source [BBC]