Is It The End For Minecraft?

The word “Finished” can mean several things, especially when it comes to games, but when they say that Minecraft is finished; it depends on the context for this term! In fact, in this case they actually mean that the development of the game as whole is finished and not Minecraft itself, we think anyway! It is easy to see how this could be mistaken for it being the end of Minecraft, but what about all of those millions of players etc.

According to the creator of Minecraft, Mojang AB he said on his blog, that;

“It does feel like the game has already proven itself. Lots of people play the game, and we receive a lot of friendly and positive emails from players. We’ve won several amazing awards, so several people in the industry seems to enjoy what we’ve done. Now it’s just the press left. It’s a bit weird, but gaming scores have become so big and bloated, I can’t help but feel like I would be disappointed with a score that would be a great score for something like a movie or a music album. And even if the score means relatively little compared to the players and the awards, it’s a distinct number people will use to compare the game to other games.”

Source [Escapist Magazine]