Original 1977 Apple II Sold On eBay

It is still hard to image the level of computers in the 1970’s, well to jog your memory or just to show you a piece of history, here is an original Apple II from 1977 it went on sale on eBay and after six bids the winner gets this piece of Apple history for just over $6k.

These are the details for the original Apple II on eBay;

This is an original Apple II, in full working condition, very low serial # from 1977.  The first 5000 or so Apple II computers were hand serialized on the logic board.  This computer retains it’s original unmodified “revision 0” logic board, serial # 3098.  You can tell one of these boards at a glance by the serial # and the light green slots.  Later logic boards were dated by year and month of production. Very few of these remain in working condition, and a lot of those that do work were modified to display 6 colours (original rev. 0 boards can only display 4 colours – see photo, no blue or orange).

Priced sold for $6,100 on eBay

Source [Geeky Gadgets]

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