Personalise Your iPhone 4 With Colour

This is a neat way to personalise your iPhone 4 with a simple touch of colour and the great thing about these decals is that you get a set a nine all in different colours or shades etc. This will mean that you can effectively switch colours on a daily basis just to match what you are wearing or just to reflect the mood you are in on the day!

These are the details for the iPhone 4 Kolor Wrap decals;

Looking to customize your new iPhone 4 without having the bulk take away from it’s intended design? The new C2 Skins Kolor Skins is just what you need! Each C2 Kolor Skin is all ONE Piece! This makes the C2 Kolor Skin super easy to apply and helps you stand out i a crowd. Here at C2 Skins take pride in our products and that is why we use the best vinyl that we can get our hand on so you get the best products we can make.

Priced at $9.95 in the US and £646 in the UK

Source [Etsy]