Every Street Should Have One Of These

Made famous in the movie V for Vendetta this mask has become the trade mark of anyone wanting to be Anonymous, it is a classic image now and will always be remembered for uprising, protests and generally being annoying to the authorities.

These are the details for In Case of Revolution Break Glass Anonymous Mask Shadow Box;

Front of the box reads: In Case Of Revolution Break Glass.

Crafted out of solid wood that has been professionally finished black.

Side of the box has a 4 oz hammer attached.

Back of the box is removable so that the mask can be removed without breaking the glass.

Glass is tempered and 3/16? thick.

Mounting hardware is pre-installed on the back of the box.

Dimensions are: 13.5? x 11.75? x 5.5?

Mask is included

Priced at $129.99 in the US and £85 in the UK

Source [Geek Alerts]