Get In Some 16-Bit Sega Action

Check out this great console that will connect to your TV and will play all of those old Sega MegaDrive and Genesis cartridges, so start raiding the loft or garage! Dont worry if you dont have any because it also comes with a cartridge containing ten popular Sega MegaDrive games. Imagine that, ten games on one cartridge!

These are the details for the excellent Sega MegaDrive Console;

Plays all region original Sega Megadrive and Genesis cartridges, Comes with 10 classic Sega Megadrive games built in, Comes with two six button controllers, Plugs directly into your TV and Small and portable

The Sega MegaDrive Console comes with some cool retro style games including;

The 10 preloaded Sega games: Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Columns, ESWAT, Fatal Labyrinth, Golden Axe, Shadow Dancer, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 3 and Sonic Spinball

Priced at £36.99 in the UK and $58 in the US

Source [Firebox]