Google+ To Launch Photo & Video APIs

It seems that some of the Google folk do actually make some mistakes from time to time, as this cached version of the post on the company blog shows, before it was removed by the Google editing team of course. Its clever Google, because without caching in place we not be looking at this, you have to laugh sometimes how things turn out! Anyway, what this does mean is that this Photo & Video API will be launching soon.

This is what the blog post said before it was removed by Google;

Google+ gives users full control of their information, and we’re starting with read-only access to public albums, photos, and videos. Google also supports Creative Commons licensing, which we expose so developers can easily respect copyrights. Using the new API, developers can get a list of public albums from a Google+ user, and list the photos and videos within each album. Combined with our existing public data and search APIs, I’m hoping to see new services such as a family-focused ‘screen saver’, a new way to crowdsource great images, or a live photo wall for a party.

Source [The Next Web]