17th November 2011

How Much Is A Twitter Follower Worth?

You see things about how much a site is worth and even how your Twitter account is valued at, but it seems that some folks are taking this to the extreme by especially when an employee leaves a firm and takes their Twitter account with them!

This is what has happened in a landmark case where tech news site PhoneDog are suing former employee Noah Kravitz over the seventeen thousand followers that followed @phonedog_noah, this is because as he left he changed the name to @noahkravitz and kept the users.

Phonedog estimate that the industry standard is $2.50 per follower, but want that amount for each month he has used the account, making it the grand total of $340,000 so far! There will be plenty of eyes on this case to how it goes, but it would seem that there is a lesson to be learned here somewhere!

Source [Media Bistro]


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