How Twitter Celebrated 11-11-11

There could be a cross message here, for in the UK and other parts of the world 11/11 is a Day of Remembrance or Armistice Day, but on the net and to us geeky nerd types. There is an alternate meaning too for 11-11-11 is the Nerd New Year and this visual display shows how Twitter was used to great effect in order to make sure that the word got out, not only at 11 am, but at 11 pm too, the patterns show that there were two bursts of Twitter joy on the day.

According to the post on the Official Twitter by Miguel Rios Twitter’s own data visualization specialist;

This clip is a visualization of all the Tweets mentioning 11:11 on 11.11.11. Each “1” is a location that moves with the conversation on Twitter. Their scale varies depending on the volume of Tweets posted from the location they represent. You can see the main wave move from right to left, and then a second one that occurred at 11 p.m. around the world.

Source [Mashable]