No More Fingerprints On Touchscreens

This is the iDigiTip, it fits onto the finger tip and will work on a touchscreen device without leaving any marks on the screen. It also helps users who have trouble hitting all of the right buttons too, which is handy for touch screen keyboards.

These are the details for the useful iDigiTip device;

It tackles typing and texting frustrations with touch screen and small digital devices that have small buttons or keys or keypads or flat keys on small keyboards.

It is the latest techy craize.  It is used to protect people’s fingerprints from being stolen. It is great to use on ATM machine.  After entering your PIN number, iDigiTip eliminates your fingerprint heat left on buttons, preventing camera thieves from capturing your PIN number.

The iDigiTip takes the place of your finger on store credit card machines in stores and taxi cabs, providing you a more sanitary experience.

Priced at $19.95 in the US and £16 in the UK

Source [Gizmag]