Nobody Likes A Buffering Video

If you are like me and like to what and include videos on your site, then you will be aware of “Buffering” no! Then you are lucky because research has shown that the average a video pays before buffering is around 25.4 minutes! However, according to data supplied by, Conviva who happen to be in the market of buffering prevention, they claim that videos that stall are watched up to a maximum of 12.2 minutes before the viewer looks for something else!

This is bad news for site owners and content providers, because the truth is you don’t actually know how the video stalls on your site or pages, but one thing is for sure and that is viewers will not be returning back to watch anymore at a fast rate and that spells disaster for the site owners and content providers. It appears that the best solution to this problem is a new bitrate mid stream, which apparently stops any interruptions from spoiling the fun.

Source [Gigaom]