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18th November 2011

Beebble The Location Based iPhone Game

When you have had enough of shooting the enemy, drive fast through the city and catapulting birds all over the place on your iPhone. Then maybe it’s time to relax and enjoy Beebble! The first game from SeventhSide Games, a new developer and publisher based in Paris. The Beebble game is a quite interesting concept that uses bees that are able to communicate with humans as the main characters, the player has to save the humble bee from extinction and thereby save the world too!

These are the details for the iPhone Geo social game;

To avoid the extinction of bees, vital for human life, the genius Professor Beebblestein gave life to a new kind of genetically modified bees, capable to communicate with humans.

There are plenty of features to look at, but here are the main talking points for this game;

Explore real places around you looking for Beebbles that might be hiding.

Invite the Beebbles you found to settle in your cities, they will provide you with regular rent.

Invest wisely to develop and expand your tiny cities.

This is a free app downloadable from iTunes

Source [Beebble]

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