Geo Pulls Out Of Fibre Broadband Deal

Geo Networks will no longer take part in the roll out of fibre optic broadband services claiming that BT are acting in an unfair manner when it comes to business model. This decision could have some serious issues for Wales as Geo was involved in the Fibrespeed project.

According to statement from the Geo chief executive Chris Smedley, he said;

“Whilst pricing may have reduced for the current PIA product (still not far enough in our view), the real issue is that it can only be used for providing the final drop from local exchange to a residential broadband consumer’s house. PIA cannot be used for the far more costly task of crossing the long distances in rural areas to get to these remote communities (backhaul), making the idea of being able to build new fibre connections within them faintly ludicrous.”

Source [ZDNet]