Creating Cool Photo Images On T Shirts

Here is an interesting idea from Inkodye, it is aimed at designers, photographers and just about anybody interested in design! This idea sounds complicated, but is quite straight forward as the Inkodye kits contain just about everything needed, apart from T Shirts and that essential creative spark!

Inkodye Quick Demo from Lumi Co. on Vimeo.

These are the details on the Inkodye light sensitive fabric dye;

Inkodye is used for photograms, shadow prints, painting, dyeing, silk-screening, batik and more! Works great on cotton, wood, suede, silk and other natural fibres. Expose your design to sunlight and watch the colour appear! It is set permanently once exposed. Wash out unexposed dye in hot soapy water and agitate vigorously.

The price of a three colour kit is $35 (£27)

Source [Gizmag]